Valentine's Day at CCA

Showing love to an entire school is no small task, but for fourteen years, each CCA senior class has done just that. Add in some funky grooves, silly tu-tu’s and a blue bubble suit for good measure and you have the recipe for a fun, truly unique Valentine’s Day celebration.

Faculty Spotlight: Margie Luce

Meet the woman whose lifetime career has always been more ministry than profession. The woman who joyfully exudes Christ’s love in teaching phonics or first-time obedience. Margie Luce is one of Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Kindergarten teachers and this year marks her 41st year in teaching.

As a young woman Margie had entertained the idea of teaching, yet pursued her dream of being a flight attendant for TWA.  As she interviewed for this glamorous job it was the first time that she felt the Lord speak clearly to her heart when He said, “This is not for you.” Margie was raised by her adoptive dad, Marty Hasz, who was a teacher and founder of the Jesus Center School.  It was natural for her to follow those footsteps into education.  Margie taught at both the Jesus Center School and then Faith Christian Academy before she became one of the founding faculty members of Cornerstone Christian Academy in 1996.

Margie joined CCA because she was drawn to smaller class sizes and being able to focus more on each individual child.  Her philosophy for kindergarten is to balance academics with learning good social skills.  As kindergarten programs around the country are pressured to become more and more academic, Margie continues to exceed the academic standards while being purposeful in developing the whole child: integrating games, crafts, social interactions and songs throughout her students’ day.  When asked about her favorite part of her teaching day she smiled as she said the Bible time interactions and how uninhibited the children are during their prayer time. 

After four decades in Christian education Margie has seen many changes in curriculum, philosophy and culture, yet her classroom objectives remain unchanged.  Her passion is to lead children in the path of Jesus and to help encourage parents to integrate biblical principles at home.  Her classroom isn’t rushed or frazzled, instead every song, every worksheet and every hug is intentional in opening her students’ hearts to know the love of their Savior Jesus.  

Indoor Family Fun When it’s Cold Outside

Indoor Family Fun When it’s Cold Outside

Looking for a way to stay warm while having fun with your kids? The Denver winter weather can be brutal. Finding ways to have fun with your children without freezing in the process is probably your top concern during this time of year.

Inspiring Service One Trip at a Time

Inspiring Service One Trip at a Time

Seeing young people inspired to live with conviction and service to others is one of the end goals of education at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  This begins as early as preschool through prayer time and local community service as teachers work to raise awareness in students about the needs of people around them.  Our students grow through prayer, outreach projects, and the regular student/faculty interactions that encourage them to “in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” (Philippians 2:4)


Cornerstone Christian Academy has been intentional about creating opportunities outside the classroom for students to connect, grow and deepen their faith.  There are few things that can accomplish this the same way as traveling to an impoverished country with opportunities for physical service, sharing the gospel and loving others who are different than yourself.   This year, January 7-15th, 19 high school students and 8 chaperones traveled to San Ramon, Costa Rica.  This was our 7th year partner with Pura Vida Missions in San Ramon, providing students an opportunity to extend themselves in service to others.  The week was spent building a bathroom for a family in need, as well as serving about 150 children in 6 different neighborhood sites through our vacation bible school type program.  Our students prepared crafts, songs, bible lessons, Spanish phrases and snacks and then spent the mornings and afternoons building relationships with the Costa Rican kids.  Quiet CCA students learned to engage across language barriers by painting fingernails and making beaded bracelets, and the rowdier students gave endless shoulder and piggy-back rides. They jumped rope, kicked soccer balls, blew bubbles and played tag… all in an effort to provide a safe, positive play place for these children and to open the door for the love and hope of Jesus Christ. 

Our students typically embark on this trip expressing that the reason they’re going is simply to serve the kids in Costa Rica. And yet, time after time, it is the CCA students who come back changed.  They get to spend a week with the opportunity to focus on the needs of others and are are encouraged to go deeper in their walk with God in the times provided for daily devotions. Students see suffering, neglect and poverty and are impacted by how different this may be from their own lives. Yet they also see how God’s love is universal and that He is able to express this love to people all over the world.  This trip is open to all Cornerstone Christian Academy High school students. All students are encouraged to attend at least once, but many go back year after year to be a part of what God is doing in Costa Rica.





Alumni Testimony- Amy Keanini Maloney Class of 2005

Alumni Testimony- Amy Keanini Maloney Class of 2005

“Thank you Mr. Z for giving me an opportunity to represent the alumni.  My name is Amy and graduated in 2005.  I am the daughter of Dave Keanini who was a long time member of the CCA board.  I am married with 2 kids and one on the way and am now a stay-at home mom.  After high school I attended the University of Denver and graduated with a degree in finance and went on to work as a land analyst at a couple different oil and gas companies in town.  I had a wonderful experience attending CCA and to be honest I look back at my years here as some of the most fun years of my life.  It wasn’t all just fun though, I also learned a lot and worked hard.  Now that I’m an adult I realize that I can attribute where I am today to many of my experiences here at Cornerstone.  


The first and probably most important is that CCA helped lay the foundation for my relationship with Jesus.  The school and faculty offered me many opportunities to encounter God at a young age, and those experiences stayed with me as an adult.  Don’t get me wrong I had times where I wasn’t walking with God as I should have been, but the Holy Spirit always had a grip on my heart.  I know I can thank CCA for helping me cultivate my relationship with God starting in  elementary school.  


The second thing I can attribute, is that CCA helped me to establish my values and the lens through which I view the world.  When I started seriously dating in college, I knew I had to marry a Christian who loved God, because I couldn’t imagine trying to raise kids with someone who had a different worldview than me or who I couldn’t agree with on setting boundaries in parenting.  


The last thing I think CCA helped prepare me for was college and ultimately my career afterwards.  Getting a degree in finance requires a good amount of math and I know that portion of my education was a complete breeze because of CCA and my teachers here, specifically Mrs. Fedrick.  I also know that CCA helped me establish a good work ethic.  Before I became a stay-at-home mom I always received favorable reviews at my job about how hard I worked, and I know that was due in part to my time here at Cornerstone.  I’m so beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to attend CCA.  Maybe at the time I didn’t appreciate as much as I do now.  But I can say it was an invaluable experience and it played a huge role in who I am today.”


Amy Keanini Maloney, Class of 2005

as shared at

CCA’s Celebration Chapel on April 20, 2016


The Best Sledding Hills in Northern Denver

The Best Sledding Hills in Northern Denver

Winter in the Denver area is filled with snow and excitement. The community comes out in full force when fresh snow is falling. Sledding is one of the most popular activities in this part of the world. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we are passionate about family values and our community. The hills located in Northern Denver can provide the whole family a sledding experience like no other. Below are some of the best sledding hills in this part of Colorado.


Ruby Hill Park in Denver

Ruby Hill Park is a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Large crowds are common at this popular hill, but you should have plenty of room to sled and be merry. Be sure to bring along a hearty lunch to eat at the pavilion and take in the panoramic views of Denver.


Broomfield County Commons Park in Broomfield

The Broomfield County Commons Park features a great hill to take your family and your sled. Near the vending area of the park is where the hill starts. The hill leads down to the football and soccer fields. The hill is not very long but has a great slope for maximum sledding speed. The smooth transition at the bottom of the hill allows you to just run out rather than crash. Broomfield County Commons Park has ample parking so you don’t have to worry about walking too far with frozen feet, either!


City Recreation Park in Westminster

Stunning mountain views and great sledding hills await you at City Recreation Park in Westminster. The sledding hill at this park is at an elevation of 5,360 feet. Feel the cold wind in your hair and a rush of adrenaline as you sled down with your friends and family.


Wanaka Lake Park in Lafayette

The Wanaka Lake Park in Lafayette offers some of the premier sledding hills in the area. The dam on the northeast side of the lake is ideal for sledding. This hill leads down to a lower trail and is safe enough for children to use. Wanaka Lake Park provides the perfect backdrop for a snow day filled with sledding and adventure.


Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder

The Scott Carpenter Park is a great sledding destination for families with smaller children. The hills are not too long or too steep and are ideal for younger sled riders. This park has a number of picnic spots and playgrounds perfect for a family in search of a little winter fun.

Grab a sled and hit any of these hills in Northern Denver for a great time in our winter wonderland.


Faculty Spotlight- Linnea Spicer

Faculty Spotlight- Linnea Spicer

Today's Faculty Spotlight, Linnea Spicer, says she ended up at Cornerstone Christian Academy by accident.  After years teaching Spanish in the public schools and then being a stay-at-home mom, she was at a place in life where she just wanted to be useful.  Through friends at church, she was asked to come to CCA mid-year in a temporary position.  It has been 6 years since she made that mid semester commitment, and yet she keeps coming back.


Why?  What makes Cornerstone Christian Academy the place to be useful?  How is she able to make an impact?  In Linnea’s words, “it has been a confluence of all of the things in her life that she has loved and been passionate about coming together.”  Linnea has been able to use her gifts in teaching, her fluency in Spanish, her leadership experience, her love for missions, and her passion for transparency and depth in the body of Christ.


Linnea is Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Spanish teacher, Student Council Advisor and Lead for the high school Costa Rica mission trip. Linnea’s teaching experience comes from years in both the Douglas County and Boulder Valley school districts.  In leading our high school student council, she feels that she has been prepared for this role of shaping student leaders through years of MOPS, PTO, and serving on her church’s leadership team.  Linnea has also become a regular chaperone and organizer of our yearly mission trip to Costa Rica which she laughs as she comments how this allows her to use her love of missions, travel, spanish, organizational skills and vision casting with our students.


Growing up in the rural farming community of Fowler, Colorado, Linnea was the first in her family to pursue a four-year college degree.  As valedictorian of her graduating class of 36 students, she went on to attend University of Northern Colorado, and as she says fell into a Spanish degree, since she didn’t like the business classes in her major.  She and her husband Chuck, whom she met at UNC have now been married for 28 years and their kids are Bailey (24), Paige (22), Cameron (20) and Jack (18).   


Linnea grew up in a Christian home and yet has always found Christian culture to be a little uncomfortable, herself feeling like an outsider.  In her experience Christian culture has often been a stumbling block to people being able to get real and identify with Christ’s actual suffering.  One of the things that has drawn her to CCA has been the affirming, humble and sacrificial leadership of the staff she is serving alongside.  She also sees that as a school promoting faith, CCA is not calling our students to a religion or a culture, but rather into a relationship with the person of Christ.  


In Linnea’s experience Cornerstone Christian Academy is a place that pursues kids hard.  As one initially wary of Christian schools she feels that CCA is unique.  As a teacher she has opportunities for relationships, the chance to challenge kids to check their assumptions about faith and guide them to be vulnerable about their sin and their doubt. Being at CCA strengthens her own relationship with God as she is able to see kids have a genuine experience of faith and can relate to their struggles.  Linnea feels she is approachable to kids, which is confirmed by the fact that you can often find students seeking her out in passing periods and before and after school for conversations.   Linnea is also a truth teller.  She doesn’t beat around the bush, doesn’t shy away from conflict, but approaches situations head on with incredible kindness and love.  Get to know Linnea, she is a true treasure to the CCA community!




Cornerstone Christian Academy teacher, Kathy York, isn’t just anyone. She really is living her dream. Let’s step back a bit to get the full picture.

It’s not everyone who says they’re living the dream and really means it. Cornerstone Christian Academy teacher, Kathy York, isn’t just anyone. She really is living her dream. Let’s step back a bit to get the full picture.


Kathy York grew up the daughter of an Air Force Lt. Colonel. The women in Kathy’s family had great influence over Kathy as she dreamed about her future profession. Kathy’s grandmother was an English professor and worked at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Kathy’s mother is also an English professor. Teaching is in Kathy’s blood. She’s always dreamed of being a teacher.

As a kid, Kathy moved around a lot but landed in Colorado to complete her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado. She majored in English literature and minored in history. Later she also received her master’s degree from Regis University in secondary education with an emphasis on English literature.

Joining the Community of CCA

Kathy came to Cornerstone Christian Academy first as a parent. Her daughter, London, who is 17 now, started at CCA in 8th grade. Kathy and her husband, Steve, were impressed by the balance in curriculum. They saw students prepared for college and real life while at the same time developing a Biblical worldview.  

Four years ago Kathy joined CCA as a teacher. She teaches junior high and high school students history and literature. You can count on Kathy’s classes being exciting, due to her passion. A highlight for her this year is being able to teach science fiction and fantasy literature.

As a teacher, Kathy loves our small school where people don’t fall through the cracks.  She feels students are held to a higher standard of behavior and character.  She values being able to teach and talk about God simultaneously.  Kathy is passionate about every student having a light bulb moment where they love learning.

Kathy is a special teacher at Cornerstone Christian Academy because she can find joy in every situation and laugh at life. And she’s not done dreaming. Next on her list, obtaining her doctorate in English literature.



Celebrating our Saviors Birth Through Music

“This song is special, it’s all about waiting, waiting for Christ to come. Sing it with patient anticipation. Okay, here we go.” It was the day before the big performance and Cathleen Kellerman, our music teacher, wasn’t just leading rehearsal for Cornerstone Christian Academy elementary students, she’s teaching about performance as worship and how it can make an impact on an audience.

On Friday, December 2, 2016, we enjoyed the annual elementary Christmas concert.  Cathleen loves having the Christmas program at the beginning of December because it is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the meaning of "God With Us" at the beginning of the Advent season.

Each year, our music program focuses on a different area of music.  This year the musical focus has been on lessons from our heritage.  CCA students are learning about music from our traditions, our country, and our churches.

Through music focusing on the Christian tradition of Advent, our students were reminded to anticipate the coming of Christ, just as ancient people waited for the first coming of Messiah.  We too acknowledge we’re waiting for the return of our Messiah.  In this time of waiting we realize because He came, we have a concrete hope that He will return again.  Through the study, practice, and rehearsal of music, our students sang songs of both celebration and sadness, mirroring the human experience in our relationship with God.  

One of the most challenging parts of putting together this program is also what makes it so special.  It is a chance for all of the elementary school to work together to produce something beautiful.  It can be tough to get 160 children organized and cooperating at the same time, but the process of doing so is uniquely rewarding.  CCA’s elementary band also did an amazing job.  This year's group is mostly new to the band, and many have only had their instruments for 4 months.  All things considered, they worked really hard and have shown dramatic improvement as beginner musicians.

December 2nd was a night of celebration as students dressed in their festive finery and performed to a packed house. Preschool through 6th-grade students presented drama, recitation, and music giving tribute to our Creator. Their combined effort and enthusiasm produced so much joy, hope, and excitement for this season of our Savior’s birth.

7 Reasons to Re-Enroll at CCA Today

7 Reasons to Re-Enroll at CCA Today

Are you on the fence about re-enrolling at Cornerstone Christian Academy? We don't take providing education, spiritual growth, and family values lightly. We understand deciding where to send your children isn't an easy choice. To help you in your decision-making process we've curated a list. Here are 7 reasons to re-enroll at CCA today.


Financial incentives including no registration fees during our re-enrollment period and no tuition increase.

Cornerstone Christian Academy understands the financial sacrifices many families make to be able to provide a Christian Education for their children.  So as our tuition rates increase to cover day to day operating expenses, we are offering opportunities to our current families to maintain current tuition rates for the 2017-2018 school year by re-enrolling before January 31, 2017.

Our passion is to provide a school that strives to see our students prepared to be intelligent and vibrant Christians in a secular world.

According to a Google search survey, only 5.96% of people in Colorado identify as Christians.  At Cornerstone Christian Academy we seek to provide an environment that partners with the Christian family in teaching rigorous academics through the filter of a biblical worldview.  We strive to show our students that in the midst of our non-believing culture they can have a strong faith that is relevant and important in transforming lives.

Space is Limited.

Many of our classes are at or near capacity.  We have a special window of time exclusive to current Cornerstone families to re-enroll and secure their classroom seats before general enrollment opens up on February 1, 2017.  So don’t delay, re-enroll now!

High School academic programs that include, college prep, honors and college credit courses.

We believe in learning as worship, and that students engaging their mind and connecting it to their heart significantly impacts the level of classroom learning and preparation for college and life beyond.  We also recognize that there may be multiple students within each family with different learning styles.  So to best meet the needs of the family, we offer two academic programs in our high school. Both programs challenge our students and prepare them for collegiate success, with the main difference being that our honors program focuses on providing an added level of rigor to courses in science, history, biblical studies, and English.

Our Bulldog Athletics Program presents an opportunity for every student to compete in multiple sports, in a high-quality program, run by experienced collegiate and professional athletes.

As a member of CHSAA, the Cornerstone Athletics program begins in 6th grade and allows our students the unique opportunity to compete in multiple sports.  We help students to identify and increase their athletic skills while stressing the importance of excellence in character, academic achievement, and the value of competition in mirroring life challenges.

We set Jesus Christ as our standard, not our culture, and yet help our students see God’s grace in meeting each of us in our inevitable failure, which ultimately allows Christ His place in connecting us to God.

We are not interested in presenting a packaged version of Christianity or adding a few Bible verses to our curriculum.  We are working to provide an environment where it is safe to ask questions and to doubt as we seek to understand the truth of who God is and how He is relevant in our lives, ultimately developing authentic, intentional, relational believers.

The addition of the gymnasium and turf field in 2017.

Last spring we were granted approval from the City of Westminster to add a gymnasium and turf practice field to the 9 acres that we have here on site at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  We look forward to breaking ground in Spring of 2017.

So there you have it, 7 reasons to re-enroll at CCA today. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out here, or by calling our office today at 303.451.1421.