Christian Accredited High School


High School Program

Cornerstone seeks to prepare students for college with increasingly rigorous coursework through advancing grades, culminating in opportunities for college coursework through the honors program in math, science, psychology, biblical studies and English. College courses are taught by qualified Cornerstone faculty on-site, and approved through the University of Colorado or Colorado Christian University. Cornerstone students receive credit for the semester hours completed directly from the college, and the courses are recorded on their CU or CCU college transcript.

High School Honors Program

Cornerstone offers an honors program for 9th-12th grade students desiring more challenge and greater depth in their coursework. Students with a high school semester GPA at or above 3.75 are automatically admitted to the honors program. Students with GPA between 3.0 and 3.75 have opportunity to apply to the program.

Junior High Program

7th and 8th grade students receive instruction from the same faculty that teach high school courses, enabling a seamless transition to high school. In addition to their core coursework, junior high students have elective options. The schedule follows a traditional junior high format where students rotation classes regularly throughout the day.

High School Courses

*Course offered on-site for college credit through the University of Colorado or Colorado Christian Univeristy
Bold: Weighted version of course offered as part of the Honors Program

Biblical Studies

Christian Worldview
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey*
(3 Sem. Hours)

Language Arts

Fundamentals of Literature
Elements of Literature
American Literature
English Literature
College Literature* 
(3 Sem. Hours)
College Composition* (3 Sem. Hours)


Conceptual Physics
Physics* (10 Sem. Hours)
Anatomy and Physiology*  (4 Sem. Hours)  


Integrated Algebra I
Algebra I
Algebra II
Pre-Calculus (4 Sem. Hours)
Calculus (4 Sem. Hours)

Social Science

American Gov./Civics
World History
Eastern Civilization
20th Century U.S. Conflicts
U.S. History
Psychology I*
 (3 Sem. Hours)
Psychology II* (3 Sem. Hours)

Arts and Technology

Science Fiction Literature

World Language

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III

Physical Education

Physical Education Class
Football (Boys)
Volleyball (Girls)
Basketball (Boys & Girls)
Baseball (Boys)
Soccer (Girls)
Golf (Boys & Girls)

College Attendance

Cornerstone Graduates have attended all of these colleges and universities

Secondary Faculty