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Athletic Vision

The CCA athletic motto is "Pursuit of Excellence through Christ." Our commitment is to prepare our athletes for the ultimate test: life as a follower of Christ. Athletics are a vital part of the Christian educational process and are an important component in fulfilling the vision of CCA. At CCA, we believe it is our responsibility to provide programs that allow students to identify and use their God given gifts and talents, to enable them to increase their skill level, and to enhance their overall competitive development in a Christ-like manner.

A reflection of our commitment to excellence, our school and our witness to the community, is through our athletes, parents and fans. By design, training, and expectation, the CCA athlete is offered immeasurable athletic opportunities to develop Christ-like character traits participating in competition that mirror life's challenges. This vision extends to a working philosophy that says: "The value of athletics is not found solely in achieving the athletic goals, though these goals must be strived for with all diligence. The true value of athletics is found in the changes and experiences that the process of striving for the goal produces in the lives of the people who are directly or indirectly involved with the athletic program." In other words, athletics provides an arena whereby students can be trained in Christ likeness.

Objectives of CCA Athletic Program

— Build a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, and honor him in all we say and do

— Provide every student-athlete with an exceptional experience being involved in CCA Athletics

— Develop leadership by emphasizing and teaching the importance of character, integrity, perseverance, discipline, and service

— Instill an uncompromising work ethic

— Compete with great attitude and effort with a focus on team achievement

— Strengthen fundamentals, skills, and health of athletes in their respective sports

— Compete successfully at the league, district and state levels of competition

— Facilitate and strengthen relationships between players, coaches and the community

— Ensure every student-athlete has a mentoring/discipleship connection with an adult in the CCA Athletic program